ChurchBooks Database Software.


Simple and Easy to Use
Churchbooks3 is the total church financial software package and you can try it free for thirty days. Church administrators, bishops, pastors or financial leadership all stress the need to be a part of the equation when it comes to church finance, this simple tool is the solution.

Eliminate the stress and the learning curve!
Many church programs today are complicated name brand products that require training and re-training staff member often times losing the simplicity and transparency needed to define good stewardship. ​

Eliminate Recurring Payments
Is it just me or is it as a rule when purchasing church products they are always over priced. Don't pay too much for church software! So far we have been able to maintain a one-time cost for the ChurchBooks3 and hopefully you have already taken advantage of the free Church Presentation Software effectively eliminating the high cost of church software. 

 Customize Your Church Letterhead
​Change the images. Upload your own images or choose. With ChurchBooks3 you choose the letterhead illustrations, and icons. Your letterhead will then be saved in your ChurchBooks3 program for future use or you may revisit your design any time for any changes. Your letterhead appears on all your printed materials. 

Customize Your Offering Types
ChurchBooks3 is a church database program that simplifies your church administrative tasks. Unlike other church management software, Churchbooks3 has no limit to the number of church offerings types you create. It combines your church collections process with your church bookkeeping effectively allowing one officer to do both jobs. ​​

Attendance Reporting
Is the average age of your church 27, or 77? Has your church lost 20 regular members in the last six months? Has Ms. Trebelhorn, who has attended Sunday morning service every week since 1988, stopped showing up because her ‘81 Dodge Diplomat finally broke down and she’s been too embarrassed to ask for a ride?

Year End Member Reporting
Most churches I run into don’t use the language of “annual report.” Some who do simply print a black and white sheet with a bunch of numbers. But consider for a moment how an annual report might be used to cast vision. In fact, rather than talk about it first, let’s take a quick glance at one of the best church annual reports I have seen.

Table Offering Accounting
One of the most important processes in church accounting is the loose offerings taken up where there is no year end accountability to individual members. Acutely accounting for these offerings over time can great asset  when projecting financial income for things such as future building fund projects. 

 Custom Collections Reports
There is simply no easier way to enter and track your membership contributions. With Churchbooks3.7  there is no limits on the number or type of contributions given in any service.

Custom Financial Reports
​Churchbooks3 simplifies the reporting process by offering a one click report button and print your monthly, quarterly or year-end reports that demonstrate the differences between what was taken in and what was paid out to departments, groups and vendors alike. 

 Church Payroll Reports
​Payroll can be a daunting task for volunteers and paid staff of small churches. ChurchBooks3 offer a simple way of tracking employee payouts. We urge you to hire a payroll service or CPA/bookkeeping firm familiar with nonprofits or churches, however accurately tracking your week to week payouts can be a time saver.

Budget Reporting 
The budget allows you to set a budget for each group and then track the progress in real time. Last but not least track employee and guest speaker  payments and tax information​

Simple is Better!
Simplifying your accounting process eliminates the need for constantly training and retraining by offering a simple and easy to use system. When the office changes personnel the transition and learning curve is not a problem. There is no need to sacrifice order and transparency because of a complicated accounting system.